Sunday, January 15, 2012

Game Profile: Jet Set

Name Jet Set
Byline Can You Run An International Airline?
 Mechanics Network Building,
Theme Travel, Economic
Publication Wattsalpoag, 2008
Ages 12+
Time 90 - 120
Players 2 - 6

Jet Set is another in a series from Wattsalpoag Games of Bellevue, Washington.
Soar into wealth and fame by running your own multi-national airline!  Europe is overflowing with travel opportunities, and it's up to you to make it happen!  Claim the rights to strategic routes, and assign your airplanes to flight paths between the most famous cities of Europe.  It takes money to run an airline, so you will need to pick up some of those lucrative short hops before you can claim the more valuable long flights.  When Vacation time comes around, announce your Final Flight to satisfy the holiday needs of world travelers and join the Jet Set!
Players turn consists of two phases.  In the first phase, the long and short flight decks are replenished.  In the second phase, a player can place planes on an un-owned link, or place planes on links they already own, or place planes on another player's link, or claim a Flight card, or take income.  Victory points are awarded throughout the game by claiming Fight cards.  Significant points are also awarded at the end of the game for completing your Final Flight card. 
This is an economic strategy game, money is scarce.  Building from short routes to long routes is essential.  Also critical is for a player to complete their secret Final Flight card.  The Final Flight card cannot be claimed until it is Vacation time and the end of the game is near.  The winner will be the player who best manages their money and plans their routes.

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