Sunday, January 15, 2012

Game Profile: Last Call

Name Last Call
Byline The Bartender Game
Mechanics Hand Management, Set Collection
Theme Bartending
Publication Wattsalpoag, 2010
Ages 8+
Time 15 - 30
Players 2 - 5

 Hey Bartender, make me a highball quick!  The customers are getting noisy, and want you to serve them their drinks.  But the bartenders won't make a drink unless they have all the right bottles in front of them.  You need to move the bottles from bartender to bartender until they can make a drink.  If there are too many bottles in front of them, the bartenders will punish you by adding ice cubes.  Try to get the bartenders to make all the drinks on your order sheet, and don't collect too many ice cubes.  Then, when "Last Call" comes, you'll see who the best server in the bar is!

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