Sunday, January 15, 2012

Game Profile: Loot

The Plundering Pirate Card Game

Mechanics Hand Management, Auction Bid
Theme Pirates
Publication Gamewright, 1992
Ages 10+
Time 20
Players 2 - 8

Yo-ho-ho and a barrel of fun! Set sail for an exciting adventure of strategy and skullduggery in this captivating card game. Loot is a fast paced card where 2- 5 players vie to capture merchant ships with varying amounts of gold coins.  You will have access to cards depicting merchant ships, pirate ships, pirate captains, and admirals.  Players will use their pirate ships and pirate captains to try and capture the merchant ships from opponents.  You may even have to attack your own merchant ships in order to keep the gold.  The player with the strongest combined attacked strength (skull-and-crossbones) gets the ship of gold.  There will be many merchant ships of gold played throughout the game so one must be careful in how many pirate ships he deploys to a single merchant ship.  Also beware, an admiral may be played to protect one's merchant ship.  As well, a pirate captain may be played on one's pirate ship to trump the strength of other player's pirate ship.

The battle for gold on the high seas rages.  Who will have collected the most gold when the last card is played?

  • Mensa Select
  • Dr. Toy's Smart Play / Smart Toy Award
  • Parent's Choice Silver Honor
  • Major Fun Award

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