Sunday, January 15, 2012

Game Profile: Mermaid Beach

Name Mermaid Beach
Byline A Very Splashy Card Game by Portland’s Emily Ehler
 Mechanics Counting, Matching
Theme Mermaids
Publication Gamewright, 2011
Ages 6+
Time 15
Players 2 - 5

They say that the ocean is the inspiration for countless works of great art. Such is the case with Mermaid Beach, a game that came about while 8-year-old Emily Ehlers, of Portland, Oregon spent an entire year living aboard a sailboat and travelling the world by sea. Emily, along with help from her brothers, Jake and Drew, came up this wildly imaginative card game that has all elements of a great Gamewright game: fantastic art, whimsical characters, and a set of rules that are easy to learn, yet engaging enough to lure you back for more. No word whether Emily visited a real Mermaid Beach during her trip, but if so, we hopes she returns there someday to teach the mermaids her game!

Soak up the fun down at Mermaid Beach! Swim along with Swirly Shirley, Betsy Bubbles, Rip Rider, and a colorful cast of undersea characters as you try to collect the most seashell cards. Watch out for sneaky waves and icky seaweed along the way. Most of all - don’t get caught holding the sea monster at the end of the game!

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