Sunday, January 15, 2012

Game Profile: Oh Gnome You Don't!

Get ready for a Gnome-tastic adventure.

Mechanics Roll and Move
Theme Gnome Racing
Publication Gut Bustin' Games, 2011
Ages 13+
Time 90
Players 2 - 5


Oh Gnome You Don't! is the third game designed by local game designer, Lisa Steenson. 

This game is an adventurous time for gnomes as they travel the forest trail.  To acquire beautiful gems, the gnomes mine, collect goods, and sell them at businesses along the way.  Typically cheerful and friendly, the gnomes often let greed and aggression get the best of them as they brawl, play tricks, and set traps to have the most gems at the end of the game.

Overview by Gut Bustin' Games:
Oh Gnome You Don't! has 104 beautifully illustrated draw pile cards. There are green cards which are the items that the gnomes can play (table) on their turn. Items are found in the forest (Deer antler, baby field mouse, firewood, etc) or harvested (berries, nuts, mushrooms,honey, etc) or items that gnomes make (Woven basket, whittled flute, etc). Purple cards are actions or attacks that gnomes can play on their turn to affect themselves or another gnome. Red cards are attacks, defense, or interrupts that can be played on other gnomes' turns. Each gnome gets two green titled cards to start the game. Turns consist of Roll Move Play a card Draw a card. No card is played or drawn when visiting a business. If playing the advanced rules with Brawling (gamers: this is a must!) then the turns include the brawl" Roll, Move, Brawl, Play, Draw. No brawling in a business. It is bad manners.

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