Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Game Profile: Show Manager

Curtains Up!  Will your shows be the best around the world?

Mechanics Card Drafting, Set Collection
Theme Theater
Publication Queen Games, 1996
Ages 10+
Time 60
Players 2-6

You are a Show Manager.  As a player you will put together the best cast for 4 musical plays to be performed in the entertainment capitals of the world.  Each of the musicals: Moonlight, Lipstick, Queenie and Rats will require a different cast of characters.

On each turn players will have 4 potential cast members available for hire.  Some of the cast members will be more expensive than others.  Those cast members range from actors that are perfect for one role to actors that are more diverse but bring less star quality to the performance.  There are even extras that can fill in any roll.  You just hope people do not notice that you have a bunch of nobodies in your cast.  The worst case scenario is that you have someone completely miscast in a role they cannot handle.  Once players develop a cast of for one of the musicals they launch their play in one of the 4 available cities.  If the cast is not very good you might want to launch in Stockholm where the risks are smallest.  If you think you have a sure fire hit with your cast you may launch in New York where risks and rewards are highest.  Once a play like Lipstick is launched in say Paris, all competing Lipstick productions will have to be launched in Paris as well.  Players continue to scramble for talent and manage a dwindling supply of cash until they successfully launch all 4 musicals.  In the end all Rats productions will be rated against all other Rats productions and victory points on a sliding scale from best to worst.  The same is done for each musical.  The winner will be the player with the best casts in the riskiest cities.  Just don’t launch a play with a really bad cast anywhere in the world.

We have an open copy of Show Manager in our Store Demo Games Library available for you to try out while you are here.

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