Thursday, January 12, 2012

Game Profile: Thunderstone Dragonspire

Name Thunderstone: Dragonspire
Byline The Doomgate is open, and an ancient evil has been released into the world!
Mechanics Hand Management, Deck Building
Theme Fantasy
Publication Alderac Entertainment Group, 2011
Ages 12+
Time 45
Players 2 - 5

Thunderstone returns with Thunderstone Dragonspire, a deck building game of fantasy adventure! Dragonspire is a stand-alone game that allows you to combine cards from past Thunderstone releases.

You are the leader of a band of heroic adventurers. You have come to the legendary Dragonspire. Your goal is to build a party of mighty heroes, magic spells, and powerful weapons to find one of the fabled Thunderstones. Dungeons are dark and dangerous places. Your Heroes must bring their own Light with them if they hope to combat the Monsters effectively. If you do not have enough Light, you will suffer. Each player constructs his own deck of cards during the game. Your deck represents the abilities and gear of your adventuring party. How you build your deck determines if victory and glory will be yours!

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