Thursday, January 12, 2012

Game Profile: Ticket To Ride Asia

Name Ticket To Ride Asia
Byline Embark On An Incredible Adventure
New out for 2011 is Ticket To Ride Map Collection: Asia (Ticket To Ride Asia) an expansion to Ticket To Ride orTicket To Ride Europe.  Ticket To Ride Asia has a double-sided board allowing players to embark on an incredible Asian adventure with partners on the Team Asia map or individually on the Legendary Asia map.

Team Asia is designed specifically for team play with 4 or 6 players.  Players pair up in teams of 2 and should sit next to each other so that players on the same team always play in succession.  Players on the same team score together but must keep their own set of trains separate from each other.  Teammates on the same team also share 2 cardholders. At the start of the game each player is dealt a hand of destination cards and train cards.  Next, each player selects a destination card from their hand and places it in their team's common cardholder.  The remaining cards in their hand are to be kept secret from the other players including their teammate.  When train cards are drawn the player must place one in their team's common cardholder and the other in their hand.  When playing a Destination, players can use a combination of  train cards from their own hand and from their team's common cardholder.  Tunnels in Team Asia play similar to tunnel play in Ticket To Ride Europe

Legendary Asia is designed for players to travel alone.  At the start of this game players are each dealt 1 Long Route and along with the 3 regular Destination Tickets, of which at least 2 Destination Tickets must be kept.  Legendary Asia also includes designated mountain routes.  On those routes some spaces will be marked with an X.  A player who claims those routes must play a second train on the space.  It will count as 2 extra points, but will leave you less trains to finish the game.  In this version of the game there is a 10 point bonus to the player who connects to the most cities.

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