Thursday, January 12, 2012

Game Profile: Top Dogs

Name Top Dogs
Byline A Dog-Eat-Dog Card Game
Mechanics Math, Memory
Theme Dogs
Publication Playroom Entertainment, 2005
Ages 8+
Time 20
Players 3 - 5

Mush! It's dog sledding time!  Welcome to Alaska, where your team of dogs led by the Musher of your choice is ready to compete in the Iditarod.
Players must pick their best combinations of dogs to form the strongest team to compete for each race and win the trophies of diffent values.  But other players have the same dogs to choose from, and the competition can become sneaky!

As soon as each player has chosen their team, each set of dogs are evaluated for team strength and the trophy is awarded.  So jump on your toboggan and choose wisely in this dog-eat-dog game of psyching out oppponents!

Top Dogs is a fun and fast math game for kids.

Keywords: Family Game, Card Game, Game Profile

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