Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Game Profile: White Elephant

Name White Elephant
Byline The Gift Exchange Card Game 
Mechanics Card Drafting, Set Collection
Theme Holiday Gift Exchange
Publication MayDay Games
Ages 8+
Time 15 - 20
Players 3 - 7

Some may know the classic White Elephant gift exchange game as Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa, or Parcel Pass.  The White Elephant Card Game simulates this classic holiday game for a jolly good time.  
It's the classic cheapskate have three people on your Christmas list and an aversion to opening your pocketbook.  Luckily you will be attending several White Elephant gift exchange parties where, if you "play your cards right," you can swap some junk you found in the attic for re-giftable treasures.  Viola!  You fill your gift list for free - the ultimate cheapskate victory.

Each player starts the game with a Gift List Card that is displayed face-up in front of them; this is the player's gift list.  Next, players are dealt a hand of Gift Cards to make up their "attic". Each player "brings a gift to the party" by simultaneously placing one Gift Card from their hand face-down in the center of the table.  Just like in the actual party, players can either select a Gift Card from the center of the table or steal a Gift Card from another player.  Be careful, you might end up with the Really Creepy Antique Frog statue, or Fred the Box Turtle made with pipe cleaners for your Mother In-Law.  Play continues until all Gift Cards have been played.  Count the one highest-numbered Gift Card received that matches each person on a player's Gift List to tally the points.  In a tie, victory is claimed by the cheapskate who best explains why their most excellent offerings will tickle the fancy of the people on their list.

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