Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Game Profile: Gonzaga

Innovative game of conquest, with the simplicity of the classics.

Mechanics City Building, Tile Placement, Area Control
Theme Renaissance
Publication daVinci Games 2009
Ages 8+
Time 30 - 60
Players 2 - 4
In Gonzaga, you are the ruler of a mighty noble family.  Your challenge is to control medieval Europe by claiming your fiefs in the most valuable regions.  Fiefdoms come in 12 different shapes.  They will be played in the order their card is drawn.  Each player draws from their own deck.  Fiefdoms can be used to capture harbors and/or cities.  In each round players secretly select two of their planning cards and place them face down in front of them.  After all players have made their selections the cards are then revealed.  Turn order will be determined by the planning cards that have just been revealed. Points are awarded for claiming cities of the same type, harbors on the same shipping route, and a collection of cities on a hidden agenda card each player receives at the beginning of the game.  Planning cards used in one round cannot be used in the next round.  Plan and play carefully to grab the most cities and the most points. 

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