Saturday, February 18, 2012

Game Profile: Pillars Of The Earth

A game based on Ken Follett’s novel.

Mechanics Worker Placement, Resource Management
Theme  Medieval, Novel-Based
Publication Kosmos 2006
Ages 12+
Time 90 - 120
Players 2 - 4

Pillars of the Earth is a worker placement and resource management game that features a blind draw for a class of workers called Master Builders. The game revolves around Craftsmen who turn resources into victory points. The game plays over 6 rounds. Each round represents a period of about ten years and is covered in 3 phases.

Craftsmen and valuable Resources are obtained during the first phase. Careful worker placement is essential to get the right resources. The second phase begins with the assignment of the Master Builders through a blind draw. Players must decide to pay the black market cost to immediately assign their drawn Master Builder or pass for a later assignment. There are 11 different action spots on the board from which players may choose to assign their Master Builders. Player decisions on when and where to make assignments is critical. The 3rd phase involves resolving, in numerical order, these assigned actions and the production of resources by your workers. At the end of each round players use their craftsmen to convert their resources to victory points. How many and which resources that are converted to victory points depends on the craftsmen and their abilities.

The various cards and events flow from the novel by Ken Follett. 
Pillars of the Earth is a game with many decisions, scarce resources, tight money and a ton of fun.

We have an open copy of Pillars Of The Earth available for you come in and try.

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