Saturday, March 3, 2012

Featured Game: Cardcassone, it's not Carcassonne

From: Rio Grande Games

Cardcassonne has a "d" in the name for a reason.  It is a different game than Carcassonne but comes from the same great game designer Klaus-Jurgen Wrede.

Do I add another 3 to the city?  Then I can add my follower next turn and score lots of points.  Of course, then another player may claim the row and score those points.  So, what is the answer, add to the row or maybe claim it now.  Oh, what a dilemma.

In Cardcassonne the players place their cards in rows so as to make each card as valuable as possible.  A player may choose to protect a sequence of cards with a follower, but when to do so is the problem.  That brings excitement to this fast, merry card game.

Read more about Cardcassonne and catch a video review under our Game Profile - just click on the game and it will take you there.   This game is quick to learn and a great family fun card game.

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