Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Game Profile: Airlines Europe

The Age of Passenger Aviation has Begun

Mechanics Network Building, Set Collection, Stock Holding
Publication Rio Grande Games, 2011
Ages 13+
Time 75
Players 2 - 5

Airlines Europe is another networking game from Alan R. Moon, the designer of Ticket To Ride.  The networks are airline routes across Europe owned by 10 different airlines.  Players construct the networks for the airlines and not for themselves.  Players are investors in the various airlines.  Airline values increase by increasing the size of their route network.  Players increase their wealth by investing in the most successful airlines.  Even at the start of the game not all airlines are created equal.  Some can create a large network of routes.  Others can create a smaller route network but gain value through bonuses completing specific routes.  All routes are populated by colorful planes except for Air Abacus.  Air Abacus exists only as an investment, but can provide significant points during each of the game's 3 scoring rounds.  Victory points are split among stockholders based on relative size of stock holdings for each airline.  Points escalate as airline values escalate.

On each turn players must decide which one of 4 actions to take: 1) buy a route license to expand an airline, 2) play share cards to increase their ownership of one or two airlines and collect dividends for that investment, 3) buy Air Abacus shares, or 4) take cash.  Players will be forced to make good tactical decisions on each of their turns.  Cash is limited and must be managed carefully.  Special attention should be paid to which players may be gaining an ownership advantage in the airlines, especially Air Abacus.

Airlines Europe is a deeper game than Alan Moon's other games that include the Ticket To Ride series, Elfenland, and the 10 Days Series.  He set out to take the first game he ever published, Airlines and make the decisions tougher.

We have an open copy of Airlines Europe available in our Store Demo Library for you come in and try out.

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