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Game Profile: Cardcassonne

Name Cardcassonne
Byline A Fun Press-Your Luck Card Game

Mechanics Card Drafting, Hand Management
Theme Medieval
Publication Rio Grande Games, 2009
Ages 8+
Time 30 - 45
Players 2 - 5

 Cardcassonne has a “d” in the name for a reason.  It is a different game than CarcassonneCardcassonne uses a deck of 140 cards.  The goal is to collect sets to score points at the end of each round and at the end of the game.  In a 4-player game (as an example) there are six rounds with each player having a hand of 5 cards and one follower token per round.  Cards are played according to color in a series of 4 rows.  Each color is made up of person cards with varying numerical values, building cards, and animal cards.  Each player will play all of their cards and their follower token before the round ends.

The first card that a player chooses to play on their turn must be played face down but in a row of their choosing.  This is the only time the color of the card does not have to match the color of the row that it is played in.  Their remaining cards, when played, must be played face up and must match the row color.  On their turn instead of playing a card, a player may place their follower token in a row to claim all of the cards including any face down cards in that row preceding their follower token.  Once placed, a follower token cannot be moved until the round ends.

Therein lays the dilemma.  Each player has one chance to claim a row.  How long do you wait?  Do you leave a strong row available for your opponent?  What about the face down cards?  Are they setting up a big play for the player who placed it and knows what it is?  Or, is it a mismatched card that may not help you maximize your points?  Sets of person cards and animal cards are scored after each round.  Sets of building cards are only scored at the end of the game.  Maybe the “d” means devious.

To get a feel for the game watch this video:

Cardcassonne is quick to learn and a great family fun card game.

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