Friday, March 23, 2012

Game Profile: The Farming Game

Name The Farming Game
Byline The Game Invented on the Seat of a Tractor

Mechanics Roll & Move, Commodity Speculation
Theme Farming
Publication Weekend Farmer, 1979
Ages 10+
Time 120
Players 2 - 6

The Farming Game is a classic board game dating back to 1970.

The object of The Farming Game is to accumulate a net worth of $250,000 so that you can quit your day job and farm full-time.  Each player starts with 20 acres of inherited land and a bank line of $50,000.  The bank generously lends each player $5,000 and hands them the Bank Note to be repaid.  Players also get 2 option to buy cards.  The option to buy cards will be necessary to buy land or equipment.

The board is divided into weeks so one circuit equals a year.  As in real life, purchasing land only happens in the winter when farmers have time.  Harvest times are exact and crop yields are determined by dice rolls, which is just about as risky as in real farming.  When players make a full circuit of the board and complete a year they receive $5, 000 for their part time job in town.

Yes, it is possible to go bankrupt in the farming game.  However, with a little luck, good planning and possibly some clever negotiating with your neighborly farmers you reach the magical $250,000 level first, win the game and the job you always wanted… being a full time farmer!

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