Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day Game Quiz

Happy St. Patrick's Day. 

In keeping with the "Luck of the Irish" theme here is a Luck game quiz:

Can you match up these Press Your Luck games?

1. Pergamon
A Gryphon Game
2. Claim It!
A Wattsalpoag Game
3. Cardcassonne
A Rio Grande Game
4. Incan Gold
A Gryphon Game

5.  Lord$ of Vega$
A Mayfair Game
6.  Zooloretto
A Rio Grande Game

A. What is your threshold for danger?  How much treasure is enough for you?
B. Be careful or before you know it, you'll have too many and no more room.  That could bring you minus points!
C. 1st come 1st dig!  Go for the money, or go for the deeper dig, or go for the turn order.
D. Can you manufacture the ultimate dream of easy money and impossible luxury?
E. You can keep rolling as long as you want.  But watch out: If you make a bad roll, you lose your turn!
F. Each player has a chance to claim a row.  How long do you wait?

Need a clue?  Just click on the game name and read our game profile to see if you can determine the answer.

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