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Game Profile: London

Rebuild the city of London after the fire of 1666.

 Mechanics Card Drafting, Hand Management, Area Control/Influence
Theme Economic, London
Publication Mayfair Games, 2010
Ages 12+
Time 90
Players 2 - 4

Here is Mayfair Game's overview of London, a card-driven board game:
London starts just after the Great Fire of London and ends with the advent of the 20th century.  In the game you will be responsible for running part of the city.  You must balance finance with grandeur, with your achievements being measured in victory points.  However, you must be careful not to let rising poverty swamp your efforts.
London is very much a card game.  The cards are divided into three decks to create a sense of historical development.  You will create a sense of historical development.  You will create a Building Display, a line of cards laid out in front of your position at the table.  The cards in your display will give you various benefits, such as money, victory points, and reduced poverty.  The majority of cards will only have an effect when you decide to run your city.
Money is important, in that you need it to pay for some cards and to buy land.  How much money you make depends on what cards you have on your Building Display when you run your city.  If you do not have enough money you can always take a loan. Buying land allows you to gain more cards and to reduce the impact of poverty.  The board is divided into areas which are referred to as ‘boroughs’.  Each borough has a purchase cost, the number of cards you then pick up, and how many victory points you score at the end of the game.  Where you buy land can be significant, as the effect of some cards depends on which borough you own.
Poverty is a big issue.  Generally you increase your poverty when you run your city.  You can reduce your poverty through having certain cards on your Building Display.
The game will end when the deck has been exhausted.  You now count up your victory points.  These are gained from the boroughs you have building counters in, the cards played on to your Building Display and money in hand.  You will lose victory points if you have any poverty points and/or outstanding loans.
London is another game created and designed by Martin Wallace.

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