Thursday, April 5, 2012

Game Profile: Small World Expansions

Name Small World Expansions
Byline Boost your strategy game play by adding these excellent expansions to your Small World.
Theme Fantasy
Ages 8+

Grand Dames - 2009
Days of Wonder
Grand Dames of Small World is the first mini expansion to Small World and features these 3 new leading ladies:
  §  Gypsies - earn Victory coins for regions they abandon.
  §  Priestesses – form an Ivory defense Tower and regroup when they go in decline.     But beware the tower may be attacked.
  §  White Ladies (ghostly) – once in decline, they become immune to conquests and racial & special powers.
Also included are two new Special Power badges: Historian and Peace-Loving.

Cursed! - 2009
Days of Wonder
Small World Cursed! another mini expansion that brings these five new Special Power badges:
  §  Cursed – skipping over this will cost you extra
  §  Hordes – increase the size of your Race
  §  Marauding – grants a second chance each turn to conquer more regions
  §  Ransacking – steel coins from opponents as you conquer regions
  §  Were- conquer regions with 2 less tokens than normal
Also included are two new Races: the Goblins and the Kobolds
Be Not Afraid - 2010
Days of Wonder

Small World Be Not Afraid… there are many frightening inhabitants of SmallWorld, but to survive you must Be Not Afraid!
In this expansion 5 new Races and 5 new Special Power badges are introduced along with a Storage Tray that can hold all Race tokens previously released.
 §  New Races:  Barbarbarians, Homanculi, Leprechauns, Pixies, and Pygmies
 §  New Special Power Badges:  Barricade, Catapult, Corrupt, Imperial, and Mercenary

Tales & Legends - 2010
Days of Wonder

Small World Tales and Legends – introduces event cards that invite you to (re) write Small Worlds history.
Fifty four large format event cards are organized into 6 different themes and are rated for their impact on the game.

All of the above expansions require a copy of Small World to play.

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