Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Game Arrivals: Apr 25th - 28th

Arriving to the store are these two great games that couldn't be more diverse in FUN.  One, a highly interactive hilarious game and the other a fierce sci-fi war game with incredible components.

Donkey...It's A Kick!
From: Cleveland Kids
Donkey...It's A Kick! is the game that's as much fun to lose as it is to win.  This unpredictable card game will have you saving for 4 of a kind one round and building a barn out of your cards the next.  Be the first player to master whatever crazy challenge comes your way and quickly grab a Donkey Puck...but watch out for the Kicker!  Nothing is as easy as it sounds.  You may be slapping your fellow players with a "High Five" one minute and plotting revenge against them the next.  The fun multiples when players start losing and become Donkeys.  Donkeys stay in the game with only one purpose:  To get the rest of the players out!  Win the game by outwitting your opponents, dodging the Donkeys, and being the last player standing.

Nexus Ops
From: Fantasy Flight
The race to control the Rubium begins!
Nexus Ops is a board game of fierce sci-fi battles and fantastic alien creatures in which players control factions of corporate troops and indigenous life forms on an alien moon.  Players deploy troops from their home bases as they explore the moon, mine resources, purchase troops, win battles, and fulfill missions to win the game.
The game board setup is comprised of single-hex and double-hex tiles allowing for many different configurations and provides a unique battlefield for every play.  The awesome alien creature minatures make this game even more "off the charts"!

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