Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Game Arrivals: April 5th - 11th

In the store this week are these games:

Star Trek: Next Generation:
 Premier Edition
From: Bandai Games

Star Trek: Next Generation: Premier Edition
In this deck-building game you have three options:
1) Play as a Free For All
2) Team up and play the Klingon Civil War
3) Form a Cooperative and play The Borg Invasion

Star Trek: Next Generation:
The Next Phase
From: Bandai Games
Just released in 2012 is another in Bandai's Star Trek: The Next Generation deck building game is The Next Phase.  This can be played as a stand-alone game or combined with the Premier Edition.


Last Will
Rio Grande Games
Last Will is a game for those players who want a break from the usual economic games.  The object is to get rich from your uncle’s inheritance.  The catch is you have to be the first to spend all your money as fast as you can, in accordance with your uncle’s Last Will.

Come in to the store and check out these super fun strategy games.

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