Saturday, May 26, 2012

Game Profile: Finca

It's harvest time on the Isle of Mallorca.

Mechanics Set Collection
Theme Farming
Publication Rio Grande Games, 2009
Ages 10+
Time 45
Players 2 - 4

Finca (Spanish for an estate next to a plantation) is a family friendly game with a cool looking board and colorful components.  The goal in Finca is to harvest as many of the island’s tropical fruits and deliver them to the island communities for victory points.  The player with the most victory points wins.

Players take on the role of Mallorcan farmers striving to harvest as many of the island’s tropical fruits: figs, almonds, olives, oranges, grapes, and lemons, as possible.  To do this, players move their farmers around on the blades of a windmill.  Where these farmers land will determine which fruit they will receive on that turn.  When crossing certain points on the windmill players will acquire donkey tokens that will be used to deliver fruits around the island.  Delivering fruits to any of the 10 island regions gains you victory points.  Bonus points can be earned by delivering the most of a particular fruit and/or by accumulating a wide range of point scoring tokens.

Finca is a game that is deceptively easy on the surface, but has enough depth to challenge even accomplished gamers.

Watch this video for an game play overview.

We have an open copy of Finca is available in our Store Demo Library for you come in and try out.

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