Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Game Goes "Off The Charts": Redneck Life

Redneck Life went "redneckin" in Spokane!  Sunday evening we made a quick trip to Spokane, Washington to celebrate Ron's Mom's birthday.  While there we found time and a cool place outside for a game of Redneck Life with family before the birthday festivities.

Sharon and Larry join us in this hilarious game.  Above, Sharon draws a "Go Redneckin" card that read "Spud cannon misfires at county fair. Lose a tooth." Below, I think Larry's going to choose the Honey Bucket Bungalow.

Redneck Life
Gut Bustin Games
To learn more about Redneck Life click here Redneck Life Gut Bustin Games where you can read our Game Profile.

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