Saturday, September 8, 2012

Coming Soon: The Tempest Series

This Fall Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) is launching 3 new games from the world of Tempest.

Here is an excerpt from AEG describing their new Tempest game concept:
The City-State of Tempest is the home to an unprecendented new idea in board gaming: a persistent world with recurring characters embroiled in an epic tale.
Each game in the Tempest series shares a story, characters, and location with every other game.

AEG's first 3 games in this new Tempest series are:
(Tempest Series)


Courtier is designed for 2-4 players.  A players' mission is to act as an influence broker, manipulating the levers of power and granting favors to important supplicants.  This is accomplished by influencing key people.

Players use influence cards to gain sway over a key courtier and power cards to manipulate the board in their favor.  Victory points are earned for completing requests by controlling each of the courtiers listed on a given petition.  Bonus points can be earned from cards and abilities.  The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

(Tempest Series) 
Dominare is designed both as a 2-4 player and a 5-6 player game through the use of a double-sided board.  Additionally, the 2-4 player board side can be used for a highly combative game for 5-6 players.

In Dominare, players are conspirators seeking to control Tempest.  Agents are the key to the game.  Players spread their influence in key city blocks and districts, use agent & district abilities to further their plans, and manipulate the board to their benefit.
"Use your agents well, & influence and power will be yours.  Use them poorly, and... well, you wouldn't be the first would-be ruler to vanish into the inky waters of the city canals..."

(Tempest Series) 

Mercante is designed for 3-5 players.  It is a game of economic warfare.  Domination of the bustling trade is the ultimate goal of every merchant house in Tempest. Each player controls a merchant house, deploying their trusted agents to purchase goods from the arriving ships and then selling the goods into the most profitable markets.  Players must do more - from "enticing" senators to outright skulduggery - to claim their rightful place at the pinnacle of Tempest's merchant class.

Players compete to accumulate crowns to finance their operations, and senatorial favors (victory points) to win the game. 

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