Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Game Arrivals: Sept. 9th - 15th

In this week is this newly released cooperative board game from Z-Man Games:

Atlantis Rising
Z-Man Games

Atlantis Rising is a challenging cooperative game for 2-6 players. All players must work together to build the ten necessary machinery of the cosmic gate before the island completely sinks in this straight forward but challenging worker placement, resource management game.  Each player will portray one of six Atlantean councilors each with their own special abilities.  During the course of the game players will utilize their councilor special abilities; play knowledge cards; assign Atlantean workers from their supply to the obtain vital resources for building the cosmic gate machinery; and deploy workers into the Atlantean Navy to fend off the attacking Athenians.  Sounds easy enough, except that at every round all players will draw and play Misfortune cards.  There are a myriad of misfortunes that will plague Atlantis from flooding the island tiles, to setting off worker panic, to inflicting other maladies on the island.  Additionally, any workers caught off guard on sinking island tiles will flee back to their councilor without fulfilling their assigned task.  Therein lies the challenge, can you turn the tide and save your civilization?

You can see a game overview in the video below.

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