Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Game Arrivals: Nov 4th - 10th

This week's arrivals include the following games:

Merchant of Venus
Fantasy Flight
The much anticipated game, Merchant of Venus has arrived from Fantasy Flight.
In Merchant of Venus, one to four players take the roles of intergalactic merchants competing to trade goods with alien cultures.  Will pirates, space junk, or sabotage end your business?  Or can you wheel and deal your way to financial superiority?
This edition of Merchant of Venus contains a new reimagined game design, as well as Richard Hamblen's classic design.  Adventure and wealth await.

Spot It!
BlueOrange Games

Spot It! is a card game contained in a cute round tin with rounds cards, each decorated with eight symbols - - fifty different symbols in all. The rules to the game contain four different variants of play or mini-games.  No matter which variant game you play, all players play simultaneously with the goal always being to be the fastest player to spot the matching symbol between two cards and call it out.  Then depending on the specific variant game, either place the card on a pile or discard it.  Get ready to Spot It!

No Thanks!
Z-Man Games

No Thanks! is a simple but engaging card game for the whole family.  One card lies in the center of the table, face-up.  On a player's turn s/he must decide to either take the card and put it in front of them or decline the card by putting one of their chips next to it.  Anyone can make that decision, right?  However, there's a catch - in fact there are two.  Nobody wants the cards, not even for free, because they give you points in a game where you need the fewest points to win.  And the chips? They are scarce, very scarce!  The key is to know when to take the card and the accumulation of chips and when to pass.  There are tricky ways to minimize the points of the cards in front of you.

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