Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Game Arrivals: Jan. 20th - 26th

Keeping things on the interesting side, we continue to expand on our board game variety.
This week's arrivals include a couple newly released games and some that are new to our shelves.

Tasty Minstrel Games
Winner of the prestigious 2012 Kennerspiel des Jahres (advance strategy game) Award, Village is a game full of tactical challenges.

Life in this village is tough!  But at least it offers its residents a lot of room for development. Each player controls the fate of a family and want to rise to prominence. Just like in real life, time cannot be stopped. Eventually family members will grow old and die.  Those that worked hard during their lifetime may find themselves immortalized in the village chronicle and thus increase their family's fame.

Village is played over several rounds, during which players control the fate of their family members by placing them wisely in the village.  The many different areas in the village allow for many different options.  Each area has an associated action space where you gain different types of influence cubes and trigger certain actions.  Players have to choose wisely, because the influence type and specific action rarely match. The game ends when either the village chronicle or the anonymous graves are fully occupied.  The player with the most prestige points wins.

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Flash Point - Fire Rescue
Indie Boards & Cards
The call comes in... "911, what is your emergency?"

With the popularity of cooperative games, we have brought in Flash Point: Fire Rescue.   As a cooperative game, players play on the same firefighting team and together must fight the fire back, rescue victims, and investigate points of interest.

With 4 levels of play: Family, Recruit, Veteran, and Heroic there is a challenge appropriate for all players.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue has been added to our collection of games in our Store Demo Game Library.  Come in and see the cool board and game pieces and try it out.

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Las Vegas
New out from Ravensburger is Las Vegas.
Try your luck in the glitzy world of gambling in Las Vegas.  With different amounts to be won in each of 6 great casinos, decide where to place your dice in every round and outwit your competitors by maximizing your gains.  But be sure to keep your wits about you in the battle over the big bucks.

Las Vegas is an interactive dice game with easy rules and an interesting game variation.

We have also added this game to our Store Demo Game collection.

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Arena Roma II
Queen Games
Adding to our war game offerings, we've brought in Arena Roma II, a 2-player war game set in ancient Rome.  It's another great game designed by Stefan Feld who brought us such games as Castles of Burgundy, Macao, and Trajan.

The revolt in Rome will not end for a long time to come!  Join the action and find out who is the most powerful ruler by skillfully playing your cards. No matter if you strengthen your own position with stron cards like Arena or Ballista or if you augment your victory points with Templarius & Triremis - you will be the winner if you use your characters& buildings with wits.

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Game Expansions:

Agricola All Creatures Big & Small
More Buildings Big and Small

Z-Man Games

Arkham Horror
Kingsport Horror Expansion

Fantasy Flight


The Mayan Calendar

Rio Grande Games

Castles of Burgundy
Munchkin Quest
Steve Jackson Games

The aMAZEing

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Continue to Tune in to us for the latest in board games.

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