Thursday, January 31, 2013

Table Top Episode 19: Dragon Age Part 1

We're back in swing with this season's Table Top biweekly series hosted by Star Trek's Wil Wheaton on Felicia Day's Channel Geek and Sundry.  Today's episode is the tabletop roleplaying game, Dragon Age.

Today, Wil and his friends Chris Hardwick, Kevin Sussman, and Sam Witwer step into the imaginary world of Thedas.  Chris Pramas, an award winning game designer and designer of Dragon Age facilitates as Game Master.  Which character will be the most successful at their role?  Will it be Gorik, or Fonzor, or Thinli, or Keegan?  I can tell you this, the dice are not friendly to at least one of them.  Join me in watching Part 1 of Dragon Age.

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