Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Game Arrivals: Feb. 10th - 16th

More newbies have arrived.  Here are some of the games that came in this week.

Le Havre - The Inland Port
Z-Man Games

After much anticipation, Le Havre - The Inland Port has arrived from Z-Man Games!  This is a two-player variant of Le Havre.  Players have access to 31 different buildings to expand varieties of goods.  Game designer, Uwe Rosenburg has managed to blend the construction of buildings in the classic Le Havre with the dynamic wheel actions of Ora & Labora.

Uwe Rosenburg is the designer of popular games such as AgricolaLe HavreOra & Labora, and Bohnanza.  These too you will find here in stock.

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Police Precinct
Common Man Games
Newly released from Common Man Games is Police Precincta game with 2 variations for 1-6 players . It can be played as a pure cooperative game or as a semi-cooperative game which uses a traitor component (a Dirty Cop). Players are select officers appointed to a task-force in charge of investigating a high profile murder case.  The challenge is to solve the mystery before the murderer escapes your precinct jurisdiction, while also trying to stay on top of your normal workload.  If too many criminals congregate in an area, a gang is formed that can cripple your efforts if not handled swiftly and carefully.

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Stronghold Games
Also new out is CO2 from Stronghold Games who also brought us the game Survive.
Each player manages an energy company responding to government requests for new, green power plants.  the goal is to stop the increase of pollution, while meeting the rising demand for sustainable energy - and of course profiting from doing so.  Players will need enough expertise, money, & resources to build clean power plants.  Energy summits will promote global awareness, and allow companies to share a little of their expertise, while learning still more from others.

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Back in Stock:

  • Awful Green Things from Outer Space
  • Bang! Dodge City Expansion
  • Bang! Gold Rush
  • Eclipse
  • Pandemic
  • The Stars Are Right

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