Saturday, February 23, 2013

Game Profile: Escape

You are trapped adventurers inside a cursed temple and must escape before time runs out!

Mechanics Cooperative, Dice Rolling, Tile Placement
Theme Adventure
Publication Queen Games, 2012
Ages 8+
Time 10
Players 1 - 8

For those looking for a unique gaming experience this game may be just what you are looking for.  Escape is 10 minutes of dice rolling – cooperative – mayhem!  Players must all work together to explore the temple, move gems out of the gem depot, search for the elusive exit, and then escape before time runs out.

Each player has 5 dice with various symbols. Simultaneously and continuously, all players roll their dice and take actions.  Possible actions include moving into a temple chamber, adding a new chamber tile, collecting gems, and resolving curses.  Actions are made by matching the symbols rolled to the required ones indicated on the chamber tiles.  Roll the correct symbols and move to a new tile.  Roll another set to place a new tile on the board.  Roll another set and collect gems and so forth.  Placing new tiles on the board is how players discover more gem locations and the necessary temple exit chamber.   In the meantime, players should gather on chamber tiles where gems can be collected thereby reducing the gem depot pile.  Just to make things interesting, there are black mask symbols on the die.  Roll one and that dice is locked and can only be unlocked by the golden mask.  Luckily, one golden mask will unlock up to two black masks.  Additionally, a player can help unlock another player’s locked dice if they are on the same chamber tile.

So, it’s back to roll – move – collect gems – explore. And, oh by the way twice during the game players must return to the starting chamber tile before 1/3 of the time is up or they lose a die for the remainder of the game.  Now, roll – move – collect gems – explore some more.  Collect some more gems and then sprint to the exit chamber.  In the exit chamber, each player must roll one more key symbol then there are gems remaining in the gem depot in order to escape from the temple.  If all players make it out it’s a win.  If any player does not make it out everyone loses.  Now that you have lost a couple of times and have won a few at the base level, you can introduce other chamber tiles that contain curses that will make it more challenging to Escape.

We have an open copy in our Store Demo Game Library available for you to come in and try.

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