Friday, February 1, 2013

Game Profile: Flash Point: Fire Rescue

A thrilling fire fighting game.

Mechanics Co-op, Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers
Theme Fire Fighting
Publication Indie Boards & Games, 2011
Ages 10+
Time 45
Players 1-6

Flash Point: Fire Rescue brings 4 levels of panic to your 911 call.  The family version of this cooperative game has players sending their firefighting into a blazing house to douse the flames and rescue potential victims.  Fire fighters will battle the fire, enter new rooms to get to victims and then battle their way back outside of the house.  In the meantime, the flames are erupting all over the house causing explosions, flash overs, and structural damage to the house.  Every time one victim is rescued another potential one is noticed elsewhere. Players must work together to save 7 victims to win the game.  However, the loss of 4 victims or the collapse of the house will result in losing the game.

Once the family version has been mastered, players can move into the more advance levels of the game that provides special characters, an ambulance and fire truck, multiple explosions, hot spots, and hazardous materials.  Each of the 8 special characters brings a unique set of skills that will be necessary to survive the advanced game.  The advanced game has 3 different levels to play.  They start with 3 or explosions, locations with hazardous materials that can cause additional explosions, and a series of hot spots that can erupt into flames in an instant.  The ambulance is now necessary to go around the building to pick up victims that have been evacuated from the burning house.  The fire truck can be used to battle intense fires in a particular section of the house.  All of the character abilities, careful planning, and a little luck can lead to victory before the fire claims too many victims or the house becomes so unstable that it collapses.

We have played this game and find that it is well done and provides quite the challenge.  An open copy of Flash Point: Fire Rescue is available in our Store Demo Game Library for you to come in and try out.  

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