Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Game Profile: Nexus Ops

A game of fierce combat and covert operations.

Mechanics Area Control, Dice Rolling, Modular Board
Theme Sci-Fi Battles
Publication Fantasy Flight, 2005
Ages 12+
Time 45-90
Players 2 - 4

Nexus Ops is a game of fierce sci-fi battles where players control factions of corporate troops and indigenous life forms on an alien moon.  Players deploy units from their home bases as they explore the moon, mine resources, purchase troops, win battles, and fulfill missions.

Nexus Ops brings a mining element to this sci-fi war game.  Each home base has mines that must be defended at all costs.  More mines can be found by exploring the modular board between the home bases.  Controlling the mines is critical so players can extract the Rubium necessary to build additional battle units. The game has 164 plastic figures that represent the 6 types of life form units that players command.  The 6 unit types are: Humans, Fungoids, Crystallines, Rock Striders, Lava Leapers, and Rubium Dragons.  The first 3 types (Humans, Fungoids, & Crystallines) have the least fighting power in battle, but are the only ones that are capable of mining.  The last 3 types (Rock Striders, Lava Leapers, & Rubium Dragons) carry the most fighting power and are used to clear the way and protect the mining life forms.  Each unit type has different battle strengths and movement ability depending on the terrain. Victory points are gained by eliminating opponents from contested sites and by completing secret missions.  Secret missions can be battle oriented or objective oriented.  The first player to achieve 12 victory points wins.

Once the base game has been mastered, the rules for a series of alternate game plays are included.  The alternate play options include:
  • a way to use extra exploration tokens
  • 4-player team rules
  • 6 alternate life form units
  • Several different ways to gain secret missions
  • A vortex hex that can move and/or destroy battle units in the critical center of the board

We have an open copy of Nexus Ops in our Store Demo Game Library available for you to come in and try.

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