Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Game Arrivals: April 1st - 6th

It's a significant restocking week.  Here are some of the board game that came in:

City Square Off
   New to our store is City Square Off, a 2-player Tetrus-like game.  Our thanks to Robynn and Lauren for bringing in their game and getting us hooked on it.
   In City Square Off, each player has their own city grid and a set of 21 city tiles and begins the game by choosing one of the 4 cityscape starter tiles for the center of their city grid.The game progresses by placing the city tile that matches the drawn shape card until one player can no longer fit a matching tile into their city grid.  City tiles must fit completely within the boundaries of a player's city grid.

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Arkham Horror
Fantasy Flight
Z-Man Games

Dominion Base Cards
Rio Grande Games

Monster Factory
Rio Grande Games
Atlantis Rising
Z-Man Games

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Continue to Tune in for the latest in board games.
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