Sunday, June 30, 2013

Game Profile: Yspahan

Caravan your way to riches!

Mechanics Dice Rolling, Area Control/ Area Influence
Theme Arabian Merchants
Publication Rio Grande Games, 2006
Ages 8+
Time 45 - 60
Players 3 - 4


Join the caravan to Yspahan, the fair.  This game is a great mid-level strategy game.  It features colorful boards, straight-forward rules and enough strategy to make players think about every action in their 21 turns.  The game comprises of 4 types of boards; a city board, a tower board, a desert caravan board, and individual player boards along with special ability cards, gold coin disks, and cute little camels.

In a game of Yspahan, the turns are broken down into 3 weeks of 7 days.  At the beginning of each week, the starting player rolls at least 8 die and places them in sequential order on the tower board. A player may roll as many as 3 more dice purchased for the right price.  Next players take turns selecting a group of dice from the tower board which in turn allows them one of various actions.  These actions consists of acquiring gold, camels, or special ability cards, or securing shops on the city board, or sending goods to the desert caravan board.  Your camels and gold can be spent to construct buildings on your player board that yield additional abilities and victory points.

Scoring takes place at the end of each week.  Points are award for completely occupying a section of the city market and for positions in the desert caravan.  The player with the highest score is the winner.  So get on your camel and ride to Yspahan.

You can also watch an overview of Yspahan in this video:

An open copy of Yspahan is available on our Demo Game shelves for you to try out while you are here.

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