Saturday, July 13, 2013

Game Arrivals: July 7th - 13th

This week's arrivals includes some newly released games as well as some new expansions and a Spiel des Jahres award winner.

R&R Games

Hanabi is this year's winner of the prestigious Spiel des Jahres family game award.

Hanabi is a cooperative card game with a clever game mechanic.  Players will race against the clock to create an amazing fireworks show.  Players will hold their cards up and facing out towards the other players. You will be able to everyone's cards except your own.  Working together, you will give each other essential information in order to play your cards in the proper launch sequence.

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Two Lantern Games
Newly released from Two Lantern Games is Morels, a light strategic foraging and feasting card game for 2.  The object of the game is to cook mushrooms, thus garnering the most MVP's (mushroom varietal points) at the end of the game.  Points are obtained by cooking sets of 3 or more like mushrooms.  Each mushroom card has 2 values: the MVP values for cooking and the foraging value for selling.  Selling 2 or more like mushrooms earns foraging sticks that expand your options for collecting cards in future turns.  As players collect, cook, and sell, each turn will result in 1 card form the forest (the line of cards face-up on the table) moving into a decay pile.  Cards in the decay remain available for a short time and are then discarded.  The Day Deck continuously refill the forest from the back, creating the the effect of a walk in the woods along which some strategic morsels are collected, some are passed by and others lay ahead.

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Z-Man Games
Also recently released is Targi from Z-Man Games.  Targi is a 2 player card game in which each player is a leader of a Tuareg tribe.  The goal is simple: travel across the desert, look for oases and camp where you will be able to acquire the goods needed to make your tribe the biggest and the richest.  Both tribes are competing for these valuable goods so each must hasten their travel.  Additionally, bands of robbers are scouring the desert looking for an easy  prey.  Each player must always keep their eyes ahead and their mind open, lest they be deceived by a mirage.

The game is played on a grid of 25 cards, which symbolize the goods of the tribes. There is a fixed number of cards of 16 before you reach the edge of the desert. The 9 central cards are never in the same place from one game to another. The result: always a new game situation. 

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The 2 game expansions are:

Descent: Journeys in the Dark
Labyrinth of Ruin Expansion
Fantasy Flight
Android Netrunner
Humanity's Shadow Data Pack
Fantasy Flight

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  • King of Tokyo
  • Fresco
  • Formula D
  • CO2
  • Flash Point - Fire Rescue

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