Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Interesting Tidbit: Portugal's Game of the Year

Portuguese National Award
Game of the Year

Clearly the Portuguese like the heavier strategy board games.  Here are the 5 nominated games up for their 2012 Game of the Year Award:

Android Netrunner
Fantasy Flight
Z-Man Games

R&D Games
Terra Mystica
Z-Man Games

Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar

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Past  winners of Portugal's Game of the Year are:
  • 2011  Ora & Labora
  • 2010  Troyes
  • 2009  Maria
  • 2008  Agricola
  • 2007  Brass
  • 2006  Imperial

These national game awards have special meaning to the game designers as evident by Uwe Rosenberg's (Ora & Labora and Agricola) response to winning this award. Here is his comments taken from Spiel Portugal's web page
"Nowadays a lot of new exciting games appear on the market every year. Therefore every national prize is of growing importance. I am especially glad for “Ora et Labora” winning the Portuguese award, because I tested that game together with you personally in Portugal. These were the last, decisive tests, which inspired me to rework on some buildings to make them perfect. In total, I worked on “Ora et Labora” for three years, which was longer than on “Agricola”. At the end of that time, the development process coincided with the birth of my son. Those were emotional weeks indeed. Remembering these weeks lets me enjoy your award in a special way." 

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