Saturday, August 17, 2013

Game Profile: Morels

Strategic foraging and feasting for 2.

Mechanics Card Drafting, Set Collection
Theme Mushrooms
Publication 2 Lanterns Games, 2013
Ages 10+
Time 30
Players 2
The woods are old-growth, dappled with sunlight.  Delicious mushrooms beckon from every grove and hollow.  Morels may be the most sought-after in these woods, but there are many tasty and valuable varieties awaiting the savvy collector.  Bring a basket if you think it’s your lucky day.  Forage at night and you will be all alone when you stumble upon a bonanza.  If you’re hungry, put a pan on the fire and bask in the aroma of chanterelles as you sauté them in butter.
Morels is a light strategy card game for 2 players.  The object of the game is to collect and cook a better collection of mushrooms that your opponent.  On a turn, a player can take a mushroom that is near them at the edge of the forest or with the aid of a walking stick, trek deeper into the forest to snatch a tastier variety.  Nearby mushrooms that are not selected move into a decay pile after every turn.  There is a short window of opportunity to take mushrooms from the decay pile, but if you do, you must take everything in the pile.  This could contain things you need like mushrooms, frying pans, butter, or cider, etc.  However, the pile could also contain the deadly Destroying Angel Mushroom.  This mushroom makes you ill and limits your size for several rounds.  The game continues until the deck of forest cards is exhausted.  The player with the best sets of mushrooms in frying pans in front of them will be the winner.  Mushrooms must be collected in sets of 3 or more and can be spiced with butter and/or cider for bonus points.  May the best forager win!

We have an open copy of Morels available in our Store Demo Games Library that  you come in and try out while you are here.

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