Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sneak Preview: Dead Panic

Justin and Anne-Marie De Witt of Fireside Games
Today, Justin and Anne-Marie De Witt of Fireside Games popped in and gave us a sneak preview of their soon-to-be released game, Dead Panic.  Justin and Anne-Marie are the game designers of the cooperative game, Castle Panic and the dice rolling frenzy game, Bears!.

Dead Panic

Make a stand in a remote cabin to survive the night.  Players pick one of 8 characters, each with a special ability, to start in the center of the board to defend against waves of zombies. Ranged weapons are available, but when all else fails hand-to-hand combat will be necessary. Players must work together to defend the cabin until survivors can bring pieces of a radio that will have to be assembled in order to call for a rescue. While venturing outside the cabin one must be extra careful as the zombies will be drawn to you. More danger awaits you when it is your turn to possess the Bait token.  Once the rescue vehicle arrives players must make a run for it.

Anytime during the game if a player takes too many injuries the character dies and comes back as a zombie to chase down their former teammates.  Players are aided by weapons drawn from the cabin deck and hindered by events from the event deck.  Winners will defend the cabin well, retrieve and assemble the radio, then sprint to the rescue van before they too become a zombie.

Wow, is it ever a zombie apocalypse!  Stay tuned for details of Dead Panic's arrival.

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Castle Panic
Wizard's Tower
Castle Panic

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