Saturday, October 12, 2013

Game Arrivals: Week of Oct. 7th - 12th

Here are this week's game arrivals:

Just in for Munchkin fans is the Tricky Treats booster pack.
Tricky Treats

Steve Jackson Games

It's Halloween, and you know what that means - it's time to dress up, kill monsters, and take their sweet, sweet CANDY!!! Put on your Zombie Costume, grab your Favorite Machete, and show that Sparkly Vampire who's boss!  But be careful . . .  you may fall prey to The Prim Reaper or the worst Halloween fate of all . . . Healthy Snacks!

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A mysterious ghost interrupts the famous diva La Carlotta during her rehearsal. Terrified, she threatens to leave Paris for Milan. The French take the affair very seriously.  Eight suspects, eight motives.  Will the ghost succeed in causing La Carlotta to flee before the investigator can catch him.
Le Fantôme de l' Opéra
Hurrican/ Asmodee

Just in from the designers of the detective game Mr. Jack is Le Fantôme de l' Opéra, a 2-player game of deduction.

The game features a stylist board with 10 rooms and 8 characters each with their own special ability.  One player randomly chooses a character to be the Phantom . The other player becomes the investigator whose only job is isolate and catch the Phantom. The Phantom can cause mischief if that character is alone in a room or in a room with the lights out.  If the Phantom can continue to cause mischief and avoid being identified he/she wins the game.

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New in from Ravensburger is Start 11, a tile laying family game for 2 to 4 players.
Start 11
    Play starts with an 11 numbered tile, hence the name Start 11.   Each player tries to be the first to get rid of all of their tiles by placing them on the four different-colored number rows of the game board. Players must plan their strategy as the tiles they place may help their opponents to win. Bridges and bonus tiles adds a twist to the game.  Once a player has gotten rid of their last tile the game ends and that player is the winner. 
     Or, you may continue the game by playing as many rounds as there are players.  At the end of each round the other players would then score minus points equaled to the value of tiles left in their tile holders. The player with the least minus points at the end of the game wins.

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  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
  • Forbidden Desert
  • Castles of Burgundy
  • Smash Up
  • Smash Up: Cthulhu Expansion
  • Killer Bunnies

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