Sunday, October 20, 2013

Game Profile: Relic Runners

The hunt is on!

Mechanics Point to Point Movement, Network Building
Theme Exploration
Publication Days of Wonder, 2013
Ages 10+
Time 60
Players 2-5

Relic Runners is a new game from Days of Wonder.  The colorful board will be stacked with ruins and temples.  Each player’s explorer starts at base camp.  On their turn the explorers will move along a trail.  They can land on and explore a ruin for one ration pack, which allows the player to place one of their pathways on a trail segment adjacent to the ruin.  Personal paths will allow faster movement during later rounds.  Explorers can also move to and explore one of three different types of temples.  Tiles in the Purple temples are face up and have a one-time immediate use.  Tiles in the Blue temples are face down on the board and award victory points at the end of the game.  Tiles in the Ivory temples award special abilities that can be used for the remainder of the game.  Each ruin and each temple begins with 3 tiles.  When all 3 tiles from a ruin have been explored a relic is placed in the temple.  In order to claim one of these valuable relics an explorer must start their turn on a space occupied by a relic and finish on a space that contains a similar type relic.

Throughout the game players can use toolboxes collected along river trails to perform special actions including placing new paths, moving existing paths, acquiring rations, and scoring additional victory points.  Explorers will need to visit base camp periodically to replenish their ration supply.

Placing paths early in the game will lead to opportunities to claim relics later in the game.  Points are awarded for relics, blue tiles, some purple tiles and some abilities on the ivory tiles.  The player with the most victory points wins.  Relic Runners comes with great components, interesting decisions and a lot of replayability.

We have an open copy of Relic Runners available in our Store Demo Library for you to come in and try.

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