Thursday, November 21, 2013

Game Arrivals: Nov. 13th - 20th

New board games and game expansions keep arriving.

Here are our recent game arrivals:

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Kingdom Builder Crossroads
Queen Games

New in from Queen Games is Kingdom Builder Crossroads, the second expansion to Kingdom Builder

This expansion adds mew locations,new landscapes, and new challenges.  Task cards challenge players to build their settlements in a certain way in order to gain even more gold at the end of the game.

New Amsterdam
Pandasaurus Games
Newly released from Pandasurus Games is New Amsterdam, a strategic game of bidding, building and trade for 2-5 players with a brisk 60 minute play-time.

New Amsterdam is based on the Dutch West Indies Company's founding of New Amsterdam situated along the Hudson River.  Players will bid on action lots in order to build businesses, work land for both food and building materials, compete in elections, ship furs to Eurasia, and trade with the Indians - a process that gets more complicated as players claim more land and push the Indian camps farther up the Hudson River.

Ticket To Ride
Map Collection Series
Nederland Map

Days of Wonder
Days of Wonder has released another in its Ticket To Ride Map Collection Series. This latest release, Ticket To Ride Nederland contains a map of the Netherlands, destination tickets, and bridge toll tokens.  As with the others in the Map Collection Series this is an expansion and requires either Ticket To Ride USA or Ticket To Ride Europe to play.

This map includes a new twist where procrastination will cost you.  All routes have a cost, which players must pay for with Bridge Toll Tokens.  When the 1st route of a double-track route is claimed, the corresponding value of Bridge Toll Tokens is paid directly to the bank; but when it is the 2nd route, the value is paid to the player who claimed the 1st route instead.  Bridge Toll Tokens are worth bonus points at the end of the game.

Dixit Origins

For fans of the game Dixit  more fun can be had with the addition of the latest release, Dixit Origins.

Dixit Origins is an 84 image card expansion pack to the award winning game Dixit.  Get caught up in the Dixit spell and be transported on a new voyage of discovery.

Trailer Park Wars!
Terror in the Trailer Park

Gut Bustin' Games

Just when you thought it was safe to manage a trailer park... all heck breaks loose in this newly released expansion to Trailer Park Wars! The Board Game  - its Terror in the Trailer Park.

This expansion includes new trailers, more Trailer Park Wars! cards, more Trailer Park name tiles, and purple variable value yard flamingo miniatures.

Shuffle the cards into the base game cards, name your trailer park (Bloody Bones Diseased Swamp) and get ready to release a reign of terror.  

Risk The Walking Dead
Survival Edition
For fans of Risk and The Walking Dead™ USAopoly has just released Risk: The Walking Dead™ Survival Edition.

This game has over 360 pieces that include 4 sets of survivor pieces and 1 set of walker pieces, as well as a custom game board, event cards, territory cards,  group leader cards, guard tower chips, grenade chips,  ammo crate chips, an outbreak tracker chip, defense dice, attack dice, and a survival manual.

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  • Elder Sign
  • Times Up Deluxe
  • Resistance Avalon
  • Zombies!!
  • Crazy Creatures of Dr. Doom

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