Friday, November 8, 2013

Game Night with Dead Panic

Wow, was it ever a nail bitter in Weds Game Night game of Dead Panic.  Newly released, and new to hit the table the zombies came out in masses and were hot on the heels of the living  Eric, Roxanne, and Mike.

Dead Panic
Fireside Games

It's early in the game and the living
are in pretty good shape at this point.

The situation has certainly gotten tense. Yikes, the zombies are coming out in masses and so many zombies have invaded the cabin.

Luckily, the rescue van has arrived.  But, can they escape to the rescue van before the zombies turn them into zombies?

It's near the end as the living are sprinting for the rescue van.
Wow, look at all those pink zombies in the cabin and Roxanne.
has zombies on her heels. Will all 3 make it safely to the van?

Yea, the team made it successfully to the
rescue van without becoming zombies.
A game win for the living.
Congrats Eric, Roxanne, & Mike.

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