Thursday, January 16, 2014

Game Arrivals: Jan. 12th - 18th

More newly released board games hit the shelves this week.

Newly released from Iello is this easy-to learn theme park family game with 3-dimensional components.
Steam Park
In Steam Park each player will build their own amusement park of coal-powered rides 
competing to make theirs the largest and most profitable. The game has an action-choosing mechanism and players will need to be not only the best but also the fastest.  Installing special buildings provides valuable benefits.  Security buildings provide an opportunity to draw more visitors, casino's allow you to change the action type on one of your die, and toilets allow you to remove dirt from your park.  The more work going on and the more visitors in your park generates dirt and dirt in your park at the end of the game will cost you in fines. Money is generated throughout the game from goal cards some of which are: the number of additional grounds you have, the number of purple visitors, the number of completely full rides, etc.  Play one and then draw another.

Can you be quick enough to build the best and the most profitable Steam Park?
Steam Park provides two levels of difficulty: an easy one for less experienced players, and a more strategic one for those who want a more challenging game.

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Also new is Coal Baron from R&R Games. Centered on the coal industry of Essen Germany it was quite a hit at this year's Essen Game Convention. 
Coal Baron
R&R Games
Coal Baron is a worker placement game where players are owners of a coal mine fulfilling contracts for various types of coal.  The game consists of 3 Shifts (rounds). During each Shift players will place between 13 and 18 workers depending on the number of players.  The objective is to fulfill the most lucrative contracts by the end of the game.  Different contracts will require different types of coal some of which will require workers to delve deeper into the mine at higher risks and higher costs.

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  • Robinson Crusoe
  • Fresco
  • Hey That's My Fish

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