Thursday, February 27, 2014

Game Arrivals: Week of Feb. 23rd - March 1st

This week's arrivals include more new games and more new game expansions.

Asmodee - Matagot
New in from Asmodee is Origin, a wonderful family game.  Players will use cool-looking tribal pawns to evolve, migrate, and innovate starting from central Africa and radiating around the world.  Players earn victory points by completing objective cards as soon as they fulfill the conditions specified on the card. Victory points are also gained from claiming straits, hunting animals, and achieving the highest innovation level.

  Watch this video by Matagot for a game overview

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Expand your empire, outwit your enemies, and evolve your fleet in this new game of strategy and conquest from FunforgeQuantum.
In Quantum players are fleet commanders from various factions of humanity, struggling to conquer a sector of space. Each die represents a spaceship where the die value determines the ship's movement as well as its power. A [6] is a swift but fragile scout whereas, a [1] is a slow but devastating battlestation. You win by constructing Quantum Cubes - massive planetary energy extractors. Each one you build evolves your fleet in new ways.

The game board is made up of modular tiles. There are 30 prescribed map layouts or you can configure your own setup.  The ship powers, player abilities, and board designs combine to create endless possibilities.

Here is a short video by Funforge

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Ricochet Robots
Z-Man Games

The classic returns! This new edition of Ricochet Robots from Z-Man Games contains every released board in one box.

Warning! Warning! The central computer has failed. The robots are unable to reach their destination on their own. Help them by planning their trajectory as efficiently as possible. Optimize your moves and ricochets to arrive at your goal. Remember: robots are obstacles too; and they can easily be moved. Can you find the shortest trajectory before the other players?

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Two new game expansions hitting our shelves are:

Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords
Fortress of Stone Giants Adventure Pack

Android - Netrunner
Fear and Loathing Data Pack

Fantasy Flight

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  • Australian Rails
  • Friday
  • Morels
  • Takenoko

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