Thursday, April 24, 2014

Game Arrivals: Week of April 20th - 26th

Come in and check out this week's arrivals.  Here's a look at what's back in stock:


Combine universal icons
depicted on the game
board to get players to
guess an object, title, or
character on your card.
Great family/party game.

Start with a small set of
cards, but by building a
more effective deck, you
will be able to place sta-
tions and lay rail over the
maps of Oska or Tokyo.

Boss Monster
Brotherwise Games
Become videogame-style
villains, build deadly
dungeons, lure adven-
turers, & destroy them.

Mayfair Games
Welcome to Ankh-Morpork,

the oldest, greatest, and
most odorous city on Terry
Pratchett's Discworld, a
place where trouble is al-
ways on the cards.

The Magical Quest

Fantasy Flight
Embark on a perilous quest

for the ultimate treasure, the
Crown of Command. Summon
your courage as the path
will be a treacherous one.

Gryphon Games
Strategic card based game with

a unique commercial fishing theme.
Acquire fishing licenses, launch
boats, and fish the briny seas in
the northwest corner of Nunavut,

Pandemic -
On The Brink

Z-Man Games
Adds 5th player,

new roles & events.

Zombies 4
 Spare Parts

Steve Jackson Games
Shadow of Nerkhall

Fantasy Flight

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Come and visit us at 30 NW 2nd Street in Historic Downtown Gresham. We have a full range of family games, strategy games, Euro-style games, war games, card games, dice games and more. Also for the puzzle enthusiasts we carry quality puzzles from Ravensburger, Cobble Hill, and White Mountain.

We proudly serve Gresham and the greater Portland and Vancouver area.

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