Saturday, April 26, 2014

Games Go "Off The Charts": Agent Hunter and Continental Express

We had a chance to sneak out of town for a couple of days over Easter weekend. We grabbed our ski's and naturally stashed a couple of new micro-games in our travel bags and headed for Mt. Bachelor for some downhill and some tabletop play time.

Relaxing in the hotel after a spring day of skiing was the perfect opportunity to break out these new micro-games.

First to hit the table was Agent Hunter from Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG). 
Agent Hunter
 This is a 2-player card game with each player attacking and eliminating their opponent's 3 safe houses.  At the start of the game you will each secretly select 3 cards from your hand to be your designated safe houses. These will be placed face down on the table in front of you.  On your turn you can attack one of your opponents' safe houses with either a card from your hand or with one of your safe houses, or heh, heh, heh you can swap one of your safe houses with another card from your hand.

In our first game there was plenty of back and forth action before I succeeded in eliminating all 3 of Lynn's safe houses.  In the 2nd game, Lynn quickly eliminated 2 of my safe houses and wore me down to eliminate the 3rd safe house a little later.  Agent Hunter works as a quick 2-player filler game.  It packs easily and could even be played in the airport or on the plane.

Next on the table was Continental Express from Asmodee a 2 to 4 player a light set collection game using railroads as a theme.
Continental Express
Each player starts the game with a secret objective worth bonus points.  In addition, there will be 3 regular objective cards  and an array of 9 train and character cards in the center playing area. Fulfilling and claiming the right regular objectives will lead to fulfilling your secret objective.
Each turn players will take one card from the array of 9 to add to their collection of train cards.  Cards consists of 5 types of train cards, money, and 4 different character cards all of which are very useful.
In  our first game, money and character cards were scarce and Lynn out maneuvered me to grab the right train cards and victory.  In the 2nd game, character and money were more readily available and I managed to use them to my advantage to post a win.  Continental Express is another lite filler game that is easy to pack.

We have an open copy of both Agent Hunter and Continental Express available in our Demo Game Library for you to come in and try.

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Continue to tune for more games that go "Off the Charts"
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