Thursday, May 8, 2014

Game Arrivals: Week of May 4th - 10th

This week's arrivals includes a newly released game and a new game expansion.  Here's a look at what hit the shelves:

Newly released and on the shelf is Splendor from Space Cowboys/Asmodee.
Space Cowboys/Asmodee

Splendor is a fast-paced lite strategy game.  In the game, players take gem and gold tokens to purchase development cards which are worth victory points and/or gem bonuses.  The cards with the gem bonuses allow players to purchase subsequent development cards at a lower cost.  Additionally, the gem bonus cards allow you to purchase a visit from a noble. Victory points are achieved from a combination of development cards and visits from nobles.

We have an open copy of Splendor available in our Demo Game Library for you to come in and try.

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New in from Fantasy Flight is Forsaken Lore, an expansion to Eldritch Horror, a cooperative board game in which players take the roles of globetrotting investigators working to solve mysteries, gather clues, and protect the world from an Ancient One - an elder being intent on destroying the world.
Eldritch Horror -
Foresaken Lore
Fantasy Flight

With Forsaken Lore, players are thrust headlong into perilous and strange new encounters, while Ancient Ones defeated in the past attempt to reclaim the world. In order to stop them, players will need to uncover new mysteries, and dig deeper into the lore surrounding each of the games' Ancient Ones with the aid of new Research cards.

This expansion also includes new Encounter and Mythos cards, Artifacts, Assets, and Spells.

~ ~~ ~~ Restocks ~~~

A worker placement &
management game. One
in our line of mini games.

The Lord of The Rings
Fantasy Flight
Cooperative card game that
puts 1-2 players in control of
the most powerful characters
and artifacts of Middle Earth.

Dead Panic
Fireside Games

A cooperative game of

zombie invasion. Fight
the dead. Escape the
panic.Survive the night.
Formula D

Put your car racing abilities

to the test. Don't lose control
as you slipstream your way
to the checkered flag.

Lords of Vegas
Mayfair Games

Up is the direction you

will take your casinos
in this expansion.
Path of Destiny

Special abilities, die

of Destiny, and more
in this 2nd expansion.

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Continue to check in for the latest in board games!
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