Sunday, May 11, 2014

Game Profile: Splendor

Lure Nobles with spectacular gems.

Classification Lite Strategy Game
Mechanics Card Drafting, Set Collection
Publication Space Cowboys/Asmodee, 2014
Ages 10+
Time 30
Players 2-4

Splendor is a set collection game with multiple layers of sets to collect, an easy rule set, quick but deep tactical game play and great components.  The game starts with an array of 12 development cards available for purchase.  There is also a set of nobles waiting for a chance to visit a player and bring them victory points.  There are 5 types of gems and a set of gold tokens.   Players can choose 1 of 4 actions on their turn.  Players first need to collect the right set of gem tokens to claim development cards.  Some development cards can be purchased with as few as 3 gems.  Others require as many as 14 gems.  Each development card purchased yields a permanent gem to be used for future purchases.  Some development cards also yield victory points.  They range from 1 to 5 points depending on how difficult it is to amass the gems to buy them.  Amassing the correct set of gems on the development cards is the only way to claim a visit from on the nobles.  Each noble requires a different set of development cards and each noble brings 3 victory points with them.
The ultimate goal of Splendor is to score 15 victory points.  Players need to collect set of gems to collect sets of development cards to collect victory points.  We have had a chance to both a 2-player and a 4-player game of Splendor.  The 2-player game ended really tight in scores.  Scores will be close so every turn will be important.  The 4-player game is a little more random because the card array can change before your next turn.  Players will need to take advantage of every opportunity to score when they can.  With heavy duty poker chips for gem tokens, great art on the cards and a 30-minute play time this one is going to get to the table frequently.

We have an open copy of Splendor available in our Store Demo Library for you come in and try.

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