Saturday, July 19, 2014

Game Arrivals: Week of July 13th - 19th

Come in and check out this week's game arrivals. This week's shipment includes includes 2 newly released game and 2 new game expansions.  Here's a look at what hit the shelves:

NSKN Games
Newly released from NSKN Games is Praetor, a city building game.  Set during the year 122 CE, Caesar Hadrian and his Roman Empire is no longer at war with the barbarians. Caesar's focus is now on building cities and fortifications to ensure a lengthy domination of the Roman culture and wealth.

 In Praetor players take the roles of Roman engineers building Caesar a glorious city.  Players will need to wisely manage their limited resources, recruit new workers to replace retiring old workers, build settlements  to keep the citizens happy, and will praise the Gods to earn their favor.  Fulfilling Caesar's demands depicted on the wall tiles gains favor points and the player with the most favor wins the game.

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Also newly released is VivaJava The Dice Game, a coffee game for 1 to 4 players from Dice Hate Me Games.
VivaJava The Dice Game
Dice Hate Me Games

 Enter the competitive world of cubed coffee where players race to create robust coffee blends and complete special research projects to gain performance points. 

VivaJava The Dice Game has cool components that include flavor dice, research and special blend coasters, research ability discs, and a burlap travel bag.

Learn more about this coffee brewing game from our Game Profile: VivaJava The Dice Game.

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From Z-Man Games is Hills & Sheep, a new expansion to the popular base game Carcassonne.  In the Carcassonne Hills & Sheep expansion the attention is directed to Carcassonne's lush meadows.

Hills & Sheep

Z-Man Games
Players have shepherds added in to their group of followers. With shepherds, players can try their luck at sheep herding trying to gather a whole flock at their shepherd's  feet. But beware, wolves are just around the corner waiting for a snack!  Should a wolf appear before the flock has been scored you will lose the flock.

Also included are Hill tiles and Vineyard tiles.  When a Hill tile is drawn the player draws and places a second tile under the Hill tile. Any follower then placed on this Hill tile breaks ties in favor of its owner.  That is, when a feature like a city, road or field is scored, and two or more 
players are tied for most followers, a follower that occupies a Hill tile will break the tie in favor of the player who owns it. This player alone will score points for the feature.  The purpose of the Vineyard tiles to give bonus points to completed and scored monasteries. Each Vineyard tile located within a monastery's 8 scoring tile series adds 3 bonus points.

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Firefly: The Game
Card Pack
Gale Force Nine

Also new in is Firefly: The Game Card Pack and expansion to the base game Firefly: The Game.  This pack of 7 includes Mal's Pretty Floral Bonnet, Wash's Dinosaurs, Malcolm, Jayne, Zoe, Wash, and Kaylee.

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We have box rubber bands in stock. 

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