Thursday, July 10, 2014

Most Popular Games: 2nd Quarter 2014 Results

For the curious minded, we have tallied the numbers and the results are.....

Following is this year's list of our Top 10 Best Sellers for the 2nd quarter ended June 30th.

1. Concept
Combine universal icons
depicted on the game
board to get others to
guess an object, title, or
character on your card.
Great family/party game.
2. Dominion
Rio Grande Games

 The highly popular deck
building card game. Players
start with a small deck and
try to build their decks so
as to end up with the most
victory points at game end.

3.  Settlers of Catan
Mayfair Games
Award-winning game of
discovery, settlement, and
trade. Considered to be a
classic. Definitely great
family game.
4. Pandemic
Z-Man Games
The cooperative game where
you and your fellow players are
skilled members of a disease-fight-
ing team striving to rid  the world
of  deadly diseases and infections.

5. Smash Up
A fast-paced shuffle-building card
game you can't live without. Choose
2 factions, smash them together,
and then smash your opponents.
6. Forbidden Desert
Gear up for a thrilling adventure to
recover a legendary flying machine
buried deep in the ruins of an ancient
desert city in this cooperative game.

7. Splendor
A set collection game with multiple
layers of sets to collect, an easy
rule set, quick but deep tactical
game play and great components.

8. Small World
Days of Wonder
A fun, zany, game where
players vie for conquest and
control of a board that is simply
too small to accommodate all.

9. Castle Panic
Fireside Games
A lite strategy cooperative
game. Work together to
defend the Castle against the
horde. A great family game.
10. Munchkin
Steve Jackson Games
A fast-playing and silly card
game.  Kill the monsters, steal
the treasure, stab your buddy
all on your way to the win.

It's always interesting to see which games makes the list.  This time both Concept and Splendor are up for this year's Spiel des Jahres Award (Game of the Year).

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